the best baby shoes 2018

the best baby shoes 2018

The best baby shoes 2018

On what are the best shoes to choose for your child in 2018 there are no doubts: sneakers. The footwear sector for children and teenagers is relatively new in the fashion world, it has only begun in recent years to represent a growing market, becoming particularly (and dangerously) attractive to fashion designers. There are few brands that can boast historical collections and a solid tradition in this area. The search for captivating styles, able to attract the attention of the boys and their parents, invoking them to purchase, risks turning away precious energies from research and production practices aimed at the most important objectives: comfort and practicality. For these reasons, sneakers represent a fundamental reference point for parents as well as for the numerous fashion houses among those that today deal with clothing for children. It is in fact a model that, if constructed with care and with selected materials, can accompany the days of the youngest without forcing their feet into rigid structures that can prevent their natural movements. The fabric, soft leather and other synthetic materials used to make tennis shoes protect the feet of children and teenagers, facilitate and accompany their movements and allow good perspiration. When they are equipped with good anti-slip soles and removable and washable insoles, the sneakers become the best play companions for your puppies. The padded edges of these shoes often prevent friction and abrasion, allowing your children to wear them all day and every day. At the same time, these shoes continue to inspire designers around the world, allowing them to work with materials, styles and colors to make sneakers not only practical, but also fun and cheerful. Sometimes the graphic elements used for the clothing of adults acquire a new and fresher value when used for the clothes of the youngest: this is how lightning, stars and arrows end up unexpectedly recalling the world of superheroes and the themes of strength or speed so dear to children. For girls, on the other hand, it is mainly the glitters that make the models fun and funny. Among the very expensive and impractical shoes produced by luxury brands and the less recommendable trendy and low cost solutions, to choose the shoes to wear for your children during this 2018 it will be good to look among the many medium-high price products, of which Below we'll give you some examples.

Philippe Model: a great signature for the feet of your little ones

On Philippe Model one could write a book rather than a small guide to buying. Unlike the two brands that we will describe later, the history of this brand has its roots in the early seventies, with a young creative welcomed with open arms by Ives Saint Laurent in person. Not being able to retrace the entire career of the French designer, we just remember some essential steps: the foundation of the brand in 1978, the first icon shoe in 1982, in the early nineties the entry into the contemporary art world with MoMA and Cartier Foundation. From the meeting between Philippe Model and Paolo Sgambato, the new line of sneakers was born in 2008: 100% made in Italy products and characterized by the class and the all-French refinement of a brand that is now part of the history of haute couture. The child models of Philippe Model are distinguished in the catalog only on the basis of the size going to form a collection not further segmented except by the models themselves. Among the latter, the Paris model represents the classic low sneaker made with leather upper and varied through more or less important details ranging from the laminated surface, to the edge of the glitter sole, to the small repeating lightning contrasting the cotton laces White. The refinement of the chromatic choices and decorative elements clearly constitutes the true characteristic of this shoe. A different lifestyle is the one evoked by the Tropez model, which matches the color game with textures and fabrics: a skilful mix of leather, suede, nylon and mesh. Running shoes perfect for your little ones, nice, cheerful and with raised heel. If you prefer a more trendy streetwear for your kids, you can choose the models Lens or Model: high sneakers, with laces or side zipper. The sneakers made by Philippe Model are always identifiable and recognizable thanks to the stylized coat of arms of Paris that is sewn by hand on every shoe.

Golden Goose: it starts with shoes

Golden Goose is a young and Italian brand that focuses primarily on creative freedom, staying on the edge of what is trendy. Innovation, autonomy and craftsmanship are the keywords of the brand that in just 15 years of activity has created within its collections everything that is required for a complete lifestyle. In the Golden Goose 2018 child collections, however, you will only find sneakers. It is perhaps only a starting point that announces a future opening to other sectors of clothing and footwear for children. However, that in the catalog dedicated to children, the brand has deemed it appropriate to define a footwear line first of all by inserting only sneakers, it seems indicative of the importance that this footwear plays in the daily clothing of the youngest. Both the winter collection and the one prepared for the next spring season feature the Golden Goose sneakers declined on two lines. The Francy line includes only high-top sneakers; you will find only one model available for the summer. In addition to its shape, this line is characterized, in its winter version, by the original hand-written scattered on the upper. The Superstar line, in the winter version as in the summer version, is available in a larger number of models and with more imaginative decorative solutions. The Francy models, available with upper in canvas or leather, are all lace-up and have an internal side zip that serves to improve the fit. Superstar models are available in a lace-up or tear-off version, with upper in leather, suede and canvas. There are many glitter models, naturally more suitable for girls, although there is no such division in the catalog: the brand from this point of view seems to comply with the most current trend that limits the definition of clothing for children based on sex, bearer of an undesirable accentuation of gender differences. The Summer Superstars are also more colorful than the winter ones. All Golden Goose shoes have a distinctive yellow smile on the outer side edge of the sole, and all are identifiable through the GGDB brand and the star decoration on the outer side of the upper.

Ishikawa's baby line: essentiality of form and color

Ishikawa also started around 2000 and is an Italian brand that particularly cares about the manufacturing tradition of its homeland. It differs from Golden Goose, founded by two designers, for the managerial and entrepreneurial cut that characterizes its origins. In addition, Ishikawa produces exclusively accessories and mainly sneakers, which maintain, especially in the Junior collections, a much closer bond with sportswear, looking with less decision to experienced atmospheres and urban style. Ishikawa children's shoes never lose the structured shape of the tennis shoe, a trend that is probably linked to previous collaborations between the founder of the brand and the Diadora brand. The Ishikawa sneakers are distinguished in the catalog according to the substantial shape of the shoe: in the version for boys, the classic high and low shoes, a third line is added called Marti which is characterized by a medium height, cut just above the malleolus . All lace-up, the low, high and Marti models are differentiated by essentially playing on the colors, the materials and the textures of the upper. Of course there are also glitter models and laminated surfaces. The line that most opens up to a modulation not exclusively superficial of the upper is the Marti line that elaborates the edge of the rubber sole, which becomes bi-colored, and reinforces with a light padding the upper edge of the shoe in order to make more the narrow ankle is soft. On all models and lines of the Ishikawa children's collection you will find the red round, symbol of the rising sun, in the form of a loop for the strings or as a back post. In some ways the red sun of Ishikawa recalls, in its essentiality, the linearity and the superficial vibration of the Japanese prints to which the brand seems to be inspired. A second decoration always present on all Ishikawa realizations is the star on the outer side of the upper. However, you will not be able to confuse it with the star used by Golden Goose because the Ishikawa star is always cut to two-thirds of its surface.

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