The best men's shoes 2018

The best men's shoes 2018

The best men's shoes 2018

Shoes are a piece of clothing that must be comfortable first. However, they are also an important part of a person's look and feel, like all the elements of clothing, of the fashion of the moment. Follow it or not is another matter. Undoubtedly everyone has his own style that also follows in an unconscious way sometimes.

Let's analyze in detail the best shoes for the year 2018 peering at the various shows.

Types of male shoes.

Even among male shoes we find a lot of variety not only of style but of type. It is meant that there are various types of discarpa, such as lace-ups, without laces, ankle boots, sneakers.

Strigate shoes

The lace-up shoes are closed by laces, the non-stringed ones are whole and are also called slip on because they are immediately slippery, they can have elastic or be as lacking as moccasins for example. Usually they are in opaque or shiny leather. Paint-cracked shoes are usually the most elegant ones that are used on special occasions. This type of shoe divides into two subsets: the Oxford or Francesina and the Derby. The Oxford is considered more formal and has the lacing closed that is without any space between the two ends that close the shoe while the Derby leaves a small space between one and the other. Both can be subjected to the broguering process which consists in making holes on the surface of the shoe to decorate it. The broguering shoes can be defined as Full Brogue (when the shoe is both Wingtip and Brogue), Semi Brogue (when the punching is present only on the tip and on the mask there is only a row of holes), Quarter Brogue (when to be decorated is only the tip and the decoration is very sober) depending on the amount of punching on the shoe. All shoes, laced or not, brogue or not, of paint or opaque that have a W on the mask are called dovetail or Wingtip. There are also the Long Wingtip Brogue that are similar to the Wingtip Full Brogue only that the decoration continues along the entire shoe even behind.

Shoes without laces

Among the shoes without laces we find, for example the classic moccasins that had their boom in the 30s. They are flat shoes, generally leather without laces.

The boots

Boots and ankle boots are shoes up to mid-calf in general. Particular types of ankle boot are the ankle, the amphibian and the bikers.

The ankle boot is a shoe with an average height of the leg, which is neither high nor low, or laced, usually made of leather.
The amphibian is an ankle boot in shiny or matte leather originally black but now declined in a thousand shades of color and also with high heels. Born in the military environment but is soon sold to civilians.
The bikers are a shoe similar to the ankle but can also have the staples with or without high heels.

The sneakers

Sneakers, also commonly called tennis or gym shoes, are low, made of canvas, leather or soft plastic with strings. They have been designed for spprt but long since they have been used as shoes for everyday use. They can be from running, from soccer or basketball, to name a few types.

Autumn winter 2017-2018 trends

What are the trends to be considered for this 2018? What are the best shoes?

This winter are definitely back in vogue on all the catwalks are the francesine and moccasins, timeless classic.
Original, pointy, two-tone, with colored or classically black upper, the lace-ups are the masters in the winter outfits of this 2017-2018 season. You can choose them in different colors from blue, green, red and so on and turn out eccentric or classic with a hint of whimsy, it depends on the chosen combination. Those of paint, as we said, are usually the classic for an important occasion but can also be worn every day maybe choosing a nice blue to combine with jeans or a gray trousers to give originality to an outfit. I recommend the catalogs of Nero Giardini, Dolce and Gabbana, Fratelli Rossetti to choose an elegant shoe of both classic and original paint.
Very beautiful and that deviate from the classic are the Bugatti squared shoes and those Dr Marten's in color spots on a black lacquered background (Black Splatter Smooth).
As for the strings, on the catwalks, many variations from the classic to the fancy have been proposed. A good mix between the two is Santoni's shoe shaded in shades of burgundy and black upper, classy and at the same time uncommon.
The style of Jimmy Choo is not classic but a modern reinterpretation of the classic and this can be combined in a brilliant way both in the outfit for the day and for that of the evening.
Louboutin with its red upper certainly can not be missing from the list of cool shoes this winter.
Even the boot with the elegant trousers, as demonstrated by Hermes, can be a great idea to give a grit to an outfit.
The sneakers are definitely the most comfortable shoes that you can wear and allow you to give a touch of sympathy and particularity to the look. Obviously everyone chooses based on his personal preferences. But the sneakers can also be combined with an elegant jacket and jeans making you both elegant and sporty. The most original are the DC shoes declined with different particular prints. Vans, on the other hand, remains a little on the classic by offering low, colored shoes with contrasting white details.
The Nike offers both flat shoes and high solid color and printed while the Hogan is only high.
The trend of the white tennis shoe continues this year. The major brands offer it in different ways: leather, canvas, rubber, with inserts, decorations and so on. Surely it is a must have, some London designers even propose white sneakers on everything for the whole winter. Perhaps this is a provocation but it is certainly easily combinable.
The trend of recent fashion shows is streetwear, that is a young and informal, relaxed and casual look. But there are also old fashion incursions with vintage details like in the JF London collection, for example, and there is no shortage of classic and elegant shoes for men who do not want to deviate from the concept of traditional elegance.
A nice trend is the upper in contrast to the rest of the shoe in color and slightly raised.
Trends summer spring 2018.
We have seen that this winter on the catwalks are back in fashion moccasins and laced, classic or whimsical prevailed on sneakers and boots.
What will happen now? In which direction will the fashion wind blow? Let's take a look at the spring summer 2018 collections.
As often happens when the sun rises the liveliness increases and then green light to the prints, the bright colors and the light materials, these will be the characteristics of the footwear of the beautiful season combined with sequins, metallic fabrics, patchwork and fringes. All in the name of liveliness and creativity.
As far as the office look is concerned, go crazy with a colorful and vintage taste quid.
There is also talk of wearable art on the catwalk as Haute Couture has also cleared some men's clothes and accessories, including shoes that look like paintings or sculptures.

I propose some trends that emerged from Pitti Uomo, which is a reference of the current fashion to be followed this summer to be cool.
The elegant laces
This shoe can be associated with an elegant look to give a touch of informality. To get some examples you can see the Mulo collection. Or jeans and sweater to give a well-groomed and sporty look at the same time.


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